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Strategic Imperative - Research

Foster a stimulating academic environment for all members of the university community that supports the development and advancement of knowledge and creative works.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI):  Intermediate goals that monitor progress toward the achievement of the strategic imperative. KPIs will be listed after each strategic imperative.

SI 1: Enhance supporting infrastructure for the conduct of research and innovation.

  • KPI 1: Ensure that support services are sufficient to sustain the efforts of University researchers.
  • KPI 2 Provide incentives and training to increase faculty and staff engagement in research and innovation.
  • KPI 3: Establish a mechanism for tracking unit-level performance metrics.

SI 2: Increase and diversify external funding revenue through grants and contracts, entrepreneurial activities, and fund-raising.

  • KPI 4: Provide more resources and enhance administrative infrastructure to support procurement of external funding, intellectual property development, entrepreneurial start-ups, and patents.
  • KPI 5: Invest in research mentoring, and professional development efforts aimed at increasing research productivity.
  • KPI 6: Collaborate with University Advancement to increase the number of external relationships and explore various opportunities for fund-raising and gifts to support research, graduate education, and entrepreneurial ventures.

SI 3: Expand research programs beyond our existing strengths and take advantage of our historical, cultural, and geographical setting for research and scholarly purposes.

  • KPI 7:  Develop interdisciplinary initiatives leading to the growth and creation of research centers and institutes.
  • KPI 8: Provide programs and incentives for collaborations across disciplines, including on-going research networks (Communities of Interest) that regularly provide opportunities for researchers to extend their activity outside of their disciplines and colleges.