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Strategic Imperative - Students

Cultivate a student body that is intellectually curious and civically engaged by developing an infrastructure that ensures student success.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI):  Intermediate goals that monitor progress toward the achievement of the strategic imperative. KPIs will be listed after each strategic imperative.

SI 1: Recruit, retain, and graduate outstanding students (undergraduate and graduate; traditional and nontraditional; transfer and returning adults).

  • KPI 1: Implement and sustain student support to retain and graduate students.
  • KPI 2: Expand recruitment of high-potential undergraduate and graduate students, which embraces diversity and enhances the university’s image nationally and internationally, in both distance and traditional degree programs.
  • KPI 3: Maximize opportunities for student enrollment and progression in traditional and distance education curricula, including strengthening transfer partnerships with community colleges.
  • KPI 4: Improve student success through engagement in high impact practices.
  • KPI 5: Expand and enhance incentives for graduate students’ enrollment.

SI 2: Enhance student engagement in co-curricular activities through a vigorous, energetic, and culturally diverse university community

  • KPI 6: Develop and institute a defined plan/model for co-curricular activity at UL Lafayette.
  • KPI 7: Implement a co-curricular transcript for all students.
  • KPI 8: Obtain Carnegie Foundation’s Classification for Community Engagement recognition.

SI 3: Increase student productivity and success through engagement in mentored research, innovative projects, and creative endeavors.

  • KPI 9: Expand support for graduate programs; develop new doctoral programs in areas of graduate excellence and new graduate programs in areas of undergraduate excellence.
  • KPI 10: Promote a comprehensive chain of research mentoring for graduate students via student-faculty interactions, peer activities, and apprenticeships.
  • KPI 11: Develop an undergraduate research initiative that will provide research opportunities for all undergraduate students, regardless of major.

SI 4: Expand and strengthen UL Lafayette’s relationship with alumni and the community locally, nationally, and globally, in direct support of student achievement.

  • KPI 12: Double the proportion of alumni giving to the University.